Lifter Premium Hemp Flower - 3.5g


Lifter is a popular and strong daytime CBD strain that picks you up, lifts your mood and heightens your senses. Lifter is an earthy, piney and slightly sour strain with floral and fruity waves of blueberries and diesel. It is packed with an uplifting and well-rounded terpene profile of pinene, myrcene, bisabolol, farnesene, and limonene.

You’ll first get a sent of pine and hops only to be followed by sweet and acid berries which fades out in gas and a touch of skunk. The aroma is sharp at first but as you spend some time inhaling, you’ll find more and more soft floral and sweet notes that round out the scent and balance the strain overall.

Perhaps not the sexiest of buds, Lifter is bright green with darker golden and brownish undertones. Not known to boast any bright hairs or space-like color combinations. The buds are usually long and sharp for a classic Christmas tree look.

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